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jai guruve thunai!
expression of wisdom-joy’s silence in words is the intellect and individuality enjoying source’s nurturing energies. the enlightened master sri ramakrishna paramahamsa would say, ‘before the feast begins, there is much of talking and chatting. when the food is served, all we can hear is the slurping and no more talking. this is samadhi.’  words are ego. in this ego world is our human individual consciousness. to break away from the slurping to start the ‘talk’ means divine purpose hence words.
wellbeing the essence in our presence. blessings!
 a sivayogi’s thoughts-
siddhar thirumulanathar
in aum is many truths and most empowering of the knowing is the trinities of divine form. siddhar thirumulanathar, our grandfather of light guides us to recognize the trinity of knowing siva, the supreme self,  as below.
duality to transcend is always impossible as the twin of thoughts as maya can never be broken but only transcended.  when the mind is put into its original energy form then in the instant the mind merges to oneness.
hence the ancient knowing of the three aums to chant together before, during and after yoga.
namaste means the knowing of spirit and acknowledging the supreme divinity in ourselves as others. the spirit is lord siva, the eternal yogi that each of us are when aware.  giving form to the formless, he is worshipped as the lingam- infinite expressed in form.
the first aum is knowing that we are the infinite universe, expressed by buddha in silence, the supreme void space called akasha. as the akasha being the mighty lingam may the vast aum of the extended breath climb to be released. AKASHA LINGAM- the universe within ourselves that represents the external universe containing not only the galaxies but the void space beyond.
the second aum is the body sheath of light that we are- pinda lingam, the sacred spirit enshrined in the wonderful human body that we are. to accept such a body is to know oneness as belonging first to humanity. mother theresa never caught leprosy although she lived her life healing lepers. source energies empower purity and cleansing that is graced by actual doing. the inner joys of this aum when experienced in being one in humanity and then knowing freedom to be spirit by experience, we are awake. PINDA LINGAM- the body form we are a shrine.
the third aum is the heart chakra. here within is our ancient lamp of oneness. here we are the life force. here is where the power behind sages like mahatma gandhi stood as ‘aadi atma sakti’, the soul power that enables momentum of greater knowing that reflects oneness with all the living and our conscious responsibility as ‘ahimsa’- nonviolence and non-killing. in the heart chakra to the sound of ra ma ra ma is the ancient sacred fire of being one and the wisdom that transforms of thought to be graced of joyful wisdom. ATMA LINGAM- we are one with all the living as the life force.
these are the ideal parking spots for the mind in meditation. knowing the three united is the knower and the known passionate in union as one. awake to the immense oneness that enables unconditional love. living in the three dimensional perception is the wholeness of yogic science that we grasp by experience of joy that enables love in each breath, entwined with the divine. 
2. . human realities has its share of  ignorance that we encounter with others. ignorance such as selfishness, greed, poverty consciousness, ego, etc. that we term as ‘bullshit’. this bullshit is actually negative energies that are cast upon us in pettiness to ensnare us into pettiness too. to dissolve away human bullshit is not easy as we need to break the chain of thoughts that the mind controls. while doing the yogic sequence of sun salutation, utilizing the posture of ‘surrender’ to break the mind patterns is an effective technique.  the release of energies from the battlefields that limit our larger energies enable us to see the bigger picture. the mind is set free to climb to a higher perspective when it carries less baggage and less human bullshit.
the mind as a baby has a protective field of mother kundalini that is protective of her baby. to posses the child like mind is to get rid of all the emotions such as anger, resentment, fear and also what we consider positive- joys of success, thrill and awe. in absence of emotions of all nature, the mind can focus on single thought and thoughtlessness with greater ease. a clear mind is the mind of a sage.
know death through yoga. if we were not the body and just the pure spirit, will all that we enjoy as in human realities actually be enjoyed or all that we suffer as human actually be our true suffering?  knowing death is knowing the temporary and knowing the eternal and knowing the the three states of mind- being awake, asleep and the dream state is the threshold of an awakened mind.  sri ramana maharishi, the sage of arunachala would ask, ‘if the ‘i’ has dissolved away, what remains to experience emotions?’
much happens when we surrender our body to acquire experience of being spirit and the awareness of thought process while utilizing this moment with this yogic thought- ‘ i forgive’.  what might finally be left to be forgiven is our time spent not evolving through pure energies of an unfettered mind and when attention is brought on this need we evolve. dissolving the ‘i’ enables dissolving all the baggages around the ‘i’ too. like a new computer, our mind free of all the virus of negatives, fuctions more efficiently.
 one of the yogic postures that enables us to cleanse the mind is uttasana that we call ‘surrender’. while in this posture imbibe the powerful thought mantra- ‘i forgive’ and forgive immediate foes of our mind (human/non human) that disturb thoughts of tranquility while in this posture. after dissolving thoughts and the thinking process, feel the void as our own deathlike state.
 posture of surrender
like bathing in mother ganga of infinite space, surrender to acquire the crisp new! in this position, let go of all thought. let the vast infinite void be the womb to the mind.  in the death like surrender of all thoughts and attachments is also the proximity to source and clearer thoughts that emerge.
in sun salutation, the highest mountain in the world within ourselves is the awareness through the surrendered mind awake and guided to the third eye as we come up to the pose, ‘attain’.
as we come up from the previous posture of surrender to a gentle back bend in a slow inhale, ready ourselves to breath with eyes focussed into our third eye. come back into the namaste posture and exhale consciously with your inner eye focussed between the eye brows, the third eye.  this process allows us to attain the third eye focus that enables manifestation. the original intent is the mantra. if mantra resonance preceded thought and we connect to it as in our intent to be that mantra’s energy feild, our thoughts are aligned to source as in the mantra energy. even a glimpse of this experience will yeild to our mind subconsciously connecting to the third eye that is in charge of manifesting thought to realities.
posture of attainment
the sacred time of deep union with the divine was a sacred blessing to be reminded and aware of purpose as human. to know that life is about doing things after seeing the larger picture.
we have arrived. we are awake. we are conscious though we are aware we sleep too. we know purpose. we are the compassionate joy in human realities of enabling angelic momentum of knowing simple daily joys of eternal union. the ancient yoga. we are ariven, the aware. awareness beginning with what we eat, our daily work and our every thought.
– tapasyogi adiyen nandhi, on behalf of his gurus.




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