Yoga Tips: Be the Emperor


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Yoga Tip: Be The Emperor!

jai guruve thunai
may thoughts flow through our humility to receive source wisdom as joyful intellect!

Yogic Tip: Be The Emperor!


(Above is Siddhar yogi, Baba Natraja, one of Nandhi’s revered Gurus. His Oneness transcends to be One with all the living. What you see is a black bird that sits on His hands fearlessly- this is the essence of LOVE that is in tune with Oneness as in being One. All animals and most humans respond in His divine vibrations of wholeness and energy of compassion that is Love.)

beloveds of the shared breath!

who is an emperor ?


who is the slave?

who am i? am ‘i’ slave or an emperor?

what am i here for? is ‘my’ awake soul knowing of its sacred fulfilling purpose as human?

am ‘i’ always within the dance of joy in each breath? am ‘i’ inspired  through every moment in act and thought?

an emperor owns time to be the sun. day and night has dissolved into light and effortlessly being whole. the sun is a light into itself to be the brightness that overflows. planets go around the sun. the incomplete goes around the complete. the complete is still and in harmony within to be radiance that shines.

the planet is the slave that toils the breath of joys not recognizing these joys and serving an exhausted and exhausting karmic field of days and nights. the slave is owned by time.

an emperor expands to be the yogi, the master of breath which is in the confines of time and the breathless realm that is beyond time. the yogi is called maharaj, the emperor, for this reason.

the emperor fulfills the orgasmic act to light the lamp at least once a day and to be that inner light that has dissolved day and night to be whole as the sun.

this discipline of alighting a lamp to attain joys of source union sets us free. why would a yogi wish to enjoy the pre-dawn dip into the cold running waters by giving away body consciousness to the element of water each day?  a discipline of letting go/surrender of body consciousness is the discipline born out of joys to then alight and be the light, the fountainhead of supreme ecstasy.

an emperor sets one day a week exclusively for these joys, a day of divine lovemaking, not bothered by the mundane wordly affairs! yes a sabbath day is a divine birth right.

and once a year, be the immense empowered yogi on the day of mahasivrathri to know turiya states, the states of higher consciousness that is beyond being awake, dreaming and sleeping. turiya is called siva maya- the realm of source. turiya is called the ‘sleepless sleep’- the meditative realm that buddha and enlightened masters observe as ‘the supreme void’. turiya state enables the mastery over the three states of the mind below- a master of awareness while awake, death-like sleep while asleep and the dream state diminished to enable the mind’s vitality into the now moment.

by observing once a year mahasivrathri, we allow our awake spirit to be the experience of lord siva, the eternal yogi/ni. mahasivrathri is the day of the eternal yogi who has transcended limits of the mind and body to be spirit.

each breath, inhaled gently through the great muladhara chakra enables awareness of the inner light. inspired through the awake muladhara fire that ascends to the third eye in our knowing purpose, we are the spirit enjoying the human experience. lord siva, the spirit we are in the awareness, to celebrate each breath as the eternal yogi, the emperor.

the emperor manifests through each thought. as the goddess of realities that is expressed through the harmony in the exhale, we exhale through each breath to be the essence of inner joy. we enjoy the flow of the manifested as the divine artist- the siddhi enabled through our vibrant inner joys and the knowing. the siddhi of perfection flows in the perfect alignment of knowing and the inner desire. perfected manifestation of heart’s desires as source energy becomes reality through the being and human form we are.

connect each day into oneness through the lamp where the guru’s presence as wisdom is and our mind serves the knowing that is source joys.

karma is that which keeps us human. dissolve karma to be source. karma burns effectively when we alight the lamp each day to dissolve all the mundane that is good, bad and ugly into the divine attachments born from the bhakti- the divine lovemaking, to then allow realities that are in tune with source and our inner completion of human purpose. the emperor’s rich and single pointed desire is to want to love source even more for here is wisdom more potent to be one with source. bhakthi and wisdom is one and love is in its meaning the sparkling reality that is born of the union of source and human, the angelic truth.

yes love as the human reality is the oneness that is harmony, ahimsa, humility, peace and awareness and all angelic nature of oneness. love is the lord of life. love is the intellect that has condensed to wisdom in all the living. a yogi is called the jagatguru, the wisdom within all the living.

blessings of each to each as in this infinite love!

anbe sivam, in oneness we are love, the supreme reality! as in being we are the emperor, the master.

jai guruve thunai

tapasyogi kalathi adiyen aadi nandhi


The Disciplines to set us Free:
– Light a lamp/candle atleast once a day as you meditate.
– Set one day a week for your personal holiday with Source
– Immerse to be the eternal yogi once year during Mahasivrathri.
– Awakening to highest purpose.
– Mind aligned with Source enables magical realities: Siddhis
– The Spirit is abundant. Overflow in the goodness .
–  Be love and let love be your form.
– Enjoying the human experience as Spirit.
– As Source guided be the Sun, the Emperor.









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