Yoga Tips No 8


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Yogic Tips No 8

jai guruve thunai, may thoughts be of source.
divine one!
our sacred yogic union is with enlightened heaven being our wisdom and a fulfilled experience of ripeness and evolved grace our each day- each moment experience.
our knowing of our highest purpose means the third eye is awake. we are christ when awake to our highest purpose. we are the spirit realm living in the body- the jivamuktas. mukta/mukthi are the awake- the ariven. jiva means alive. an enlightened master are awake to thier highest purpose. being awake, we are ariven, the awake.
to know purpose is to be alive in the rejuvenative juices of inspiration and to be awake in the evolving energies of source through each breath.
yogic tips of the siddhars, the gurus who awaken our inner guru-
1. earth element- the body-
 animal skins utilized as a seat in meditation is to retain the meditative energies as an insulation against earth that absorbs meditative energies generated. however, when we wear shoes/sandals all the time, we are carrying with us an accumulation of not so positive energies generated from a mind that is not in perfect calm. when we walk bare foot sometimes, it is like giving our soul a loving bath as we allow our retained built up stress and negative emotions to flow away.
earth energy represents the body sheath. mother earth enables the sustaining energies and also the rejuvenative energies to heal the body while absorbing away the retained energies of stress. beneath our feet is the sole that stimulates each part of the body- mother natures’s loving intentions!
light a physical fire-lamp every day!

for a spiritual and awake person, alighting the inner lamp with the physical lighting of an actual fire-lamp is a daily discipline. the essential possession in our journey into yoga and meditation is a lamp since, we are enabled to go back within into our divine center no matter how turbulent, ecstatic or in turmoil we find ourselves to be.

in nearly all spiritual practices in cultures around the world, the divine is represented in the lamp’s fire. meditating on this fire, eyes closed or open, enables an easier access and deeper union with the energies divine. the yogic principle behind this is- that when a lamp is lit outside ourselves, we manifest lighting our inner lamp that guides us in our awakening journey.

the more spiritually awakened we are, the more we are bound to feel sense of deep longing and loneliness at the sacred moment of sunset or sunrise (the time of "sandhya", the ideal times suggested by the yogis for meditation). it was the intense void that made siddhartha leave his illusionary world of a householder to become buddha, the knower of oneness.

this depression of utter loneliness is the deep call from within wanting to unite to the absolute. for one on the path into source, this call is sacred- it is a call to light a lamp and sit down to meditate and renew to be whole and radiant again- to be with our inner guru, the master. the process of alighting the lamp within and meditating intensely is called "nishthi". the process of deep meditation to renew and be the center is like a snake renewing its old skin of karma to be in the ever present wholesome new.

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3. have a cold water shower
– come to terms with the daily surrender of the body. ideally, meditate on the water element before having your cold shower. meditating on the water element enables us to harmonize our relationships around us . meditating on water also prepares our body and mind for the sacred surrender of a cold shower.
remember that we are jivamukthas. the jivamukthas are the awake beings. the jivamukthas are the awake spirit residing in the body as though dead while alive- the spirit experiencing the human realities.
 the body surrendered to the cold/ice-cold water is our daily ritual to know our immense spirit. in this classroom of daily learning is the discipline of yoga that is tough love but the reward is the climb above to know ourselves as spirit beyond limits of the body.
how is it that a yogi is able to stop the heart beat or command an involuntary muscle to obey? or the ‘repas’, the advanced tibetian yogis who enable the inner body heat called ‘tumo’ to wear cotton cloth in sub-zero temperatures. as a spirit residing in a body, the pure mind has absolute command over any limitations of the body and the elements. an enormously powerful mind is able to create an empowered reality! 
4. do yoga without clothes, (in your personal practice) preferable with the outside air flowing through the space where we do yoga i.e, with the window open to allow fresh hour.
yoga is about uniting the completeness of ego that includes the body with the spirit realm that is expressed as heaven.
yoga is about dissolving ego to be one as spirit.
the body in effective yogic techniques to trancend limitations is to be considered as the five elements- earth, water, fire, air and ether in our daily yoga practice.  when we do our yoga practice nude, at first we are brought to body- consciousness that enables us to dissolve and penetrate the first sheath awareness- the earth element. slowing as we go deeper into our yoga we dissolve ourselves into the water element – the place where the body and spirit are ready to be set alight. the next stage in our yoga is to seek to dissolve the mind into our inner fire- the fire element.  when our awareness through our yoga enables us to dissolve ourselves to be the spirit, we are awake to being the life with breath and the breathless being as spirit as we transcend to be the sacred element of air.  the thousand petals of awakening, the state where air as breath has been absorbed to be the vast eternal realm- samadhi with consciousness is the experience of the ether element. the ether element is denoted/experience as pure joy- ananda. it is in this realm that we are one as spirit. we are the void that holds universes within.
we experience our radiant being that is joy in its undilluted form. this form becomes our thought and the manifested body which the siddhars call, the body of love. attaining the body of love through yoga, our body shrine overflows in the radiance we are.
the yogic secret to manifest thought into reality is to hold the supreme tranquil breath,  that holds thoughts and the thoughless source. this breath is called ‘sthira’. attain this breath through our daily yoga.
– much like an archer is the spirit
– the meditative crystal mind is the bow
– each thought is nourished, emotionalized, visualized and brought to manifestation through wisdom translated as intellect as the ‘flow’.
the ‘flow’ is the steady inner vibrations that is in tune withe the awake spirit. this spirit is awake only to the now moment. when we are inspired, we are with the tranquil inner breath that vibrates with the certainity of knowing.
may we be blessed in our union with source be the grace that awakens us to the immense and purpose. 
jey guruve thunai, may thoughts be source,
aum namah sivaya
tapasyogi kalathi adiyen nandhi







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