Yoga Tips No 9


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Yoga Tips 9

The inner light- Of all the yoga accessories/products and activities, the single most important possession for a yogi/ni is a lamp. To light a lamp/candle at least once a day is an inner journey to connect with Source and empty all the files of thoughts/karma/residue/attachments our mind acquires. Being connected to Source, the once a day ritual of lighting the lamp awakens the  joy that enables the discipline of a yogi. More on the Lamp
Daily planning of work- Know your paper and writing form to be the first step towards physically manifesting thoughts. Vaastu is an ancient vedic science of layout planning of buildings that is said to be influencing peace and prosperity of the inhabitants. Vaastu science deals with the management of cosmic energy in building & structures. Apply the principles of "Vaastu" in the way you write your thoughts to be set into manifestation. For more on Vaastu, click here.
Saying grace before eating food– The act of feeding the hungry is an effective way of burning karma and allowing grace of well being to flow, beyond the simple satisfaction &  the joys in giving. In yogic philosophy, it is a natural etiquette to offer our food to others before eating.  Even the intent to feed others is powerful as thought is energy. Before eating, inhale the aroma of the food, hold/retain the the breath and imagine all the world hunger being fed through the aroma. Feel yourself as the cosmic womb nourishing all the living and bless the food before you. This simple but empowering act creates all the good energies of related to food as in digestion and dharma.







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