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Yoga techniques of the Siddhar Sages


Kalangi Yoga
Tips 110 Yogic techniques to  awaken a magical morning!



 Upon waking up in the morning: Remember to express gratitude for having been ‘born’ into another day as your first thought upon waking up. Take both your palms and place them before your face. Imagine your left hand to be the presence of your mother and the right hand to be the presence of your father. Then place your palms gently over your eyelids and express your love, gratitude and respect to your father and mother. Acknowledge your father and mother as two Divine entities that gave birth to you. Bring your awareness to your body and express gratitude to the Divine for all that you are.

Cut into the wedges of the end of each running thought and the beginning of each thought by seeking your Source. Reciting a mantra in silence or aloud helps. Dedicate your day to the Source and gently bring your thought to the present moment.

Drinking Water:  Drink lots of water immediately. The art of drinking lots of water is to ensure that the water is room temperature or slightly warm. Visualize your stomach as a huge pot capable of holding large capacity of water as you drink water. Drink the water without tasting it. When we do not taste water we are able to drink a larger quantity of water. After drinking water, rub your stomach gently clockwise. Start with the belly button at the center with each circular motion proceeding outwards in a spiral motion with one palm over the other. When going through your bowel movements, visualize the part below your navel in pink color. This will help your bowel movements.


Our Yoga:  


Sun Salutation: Start your yoga ideally with a warm up Sun Salutation. The Sun Salutation is highly recommended to enable a daily routine of yoga. Due to the simplicity in the sequence of postures it is easy to set our daily routine with Sun Salutation by ourselves. Within just 10 minutes, even if a few rounds of Sun Salutation is accomplished at the start of the day, we are kept inspired with a higher level of metabolism throughout the day.


First round of yoga- Bring your awareness to your body in the first round of Sun Salutation. Enjoy your Sun Salutation as though you are giving yourself a massage. Be tender, loving and kind to yourself. Visualize a cat stretching itself- feel yourself doing yoga enjoying your body.


The Sun Salutation contains nearly all the essential awakening vital energies with each pose holding vast wisdom and a journey within itself pose to pose. We can never reach a point in time where the learning stops while doing Sun Salutation. For example- the Downward Dog posture in Sun Salutation is to enable rejuvenative energies to flow when we visualize our body to be the vast infinite sky above or the Namaste (Anjali Mudra) posture at the start and end of Sun Salutation as to acknowledge ourselves to be the Divine as Spirit in the body. More info  


Yogic Breathing:  During every inhale through the process of our daily hatha yoga we take a deep inhale of breath all the way below the navel. This is the way we breathe when we are little children and slowly we forget this deeply inhaled tranquilizing breath of harmony as we become adults. Hold the inhaled breath and gently squeeze the muscles of the muladhara chakra- between the anus and the urinary tract in the retention of breath. Visualize a lamp lit in the retention of breath.  In the exhale, feel the upward moving energies nourish your lower back, straightening your spinal cord from the tail bone. Slowly let your exhales open your shoulder blades as you visualize your breath opening your heart.

Garland of breath- Sages mention of how each long exhale is connected with the inhale and the retention to achieve a steady flow of directed thoughts. Breath slowly becomes like a garland and our awareness maintains this interconnected breath as we go about doing our asanas, pose to pose.


The Experience:  As we do our yoga postures begin to identify ourselves as the body, then as the mind and slowly as the Spirit. Gradually, our experience of being the Spirit allows us the joys of the higher perch. This higher perch within ourselves with the experience of being the Spirit enables us to be in the moment of now through the joy we derive in our yoga.

When we experience the joy of being in our yoga, the body and mind absorbs the good energies of our happiness. We become aware of the higher perspective through the joys of being in the moment. Our mind becomes fertile to the thinking process due to the clarity of thoughts we attain and within the clear mind is the state of ananda, the undiluted bliss as joy.  Being joyful is being connected to Source, the goal of yoga.


The Union: Satchidananda is one of the beautiful names for God, to describe Lord Siva, the Eternal Yogi within ourselves. Satchidananda means, Bliss Formed. The Sages, mention that our body and mind becomes the form of love when we hold the experience of joy. Being Satchidananda is being one with God, our mind and body dissolved in love.




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