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Kalangi Yoga
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The goal of a Siddhar yogi is to reach the higher plane of consciousness through yogic techniques and then be guided by this ‘higher plane of consciousness’ within the ‘third eye’ through all other activities. These activities could mean meditating, or doing daily chores.
For yoga practitioners, it is bringing down the divine energy of perfection into every activity. To bring down this divine energy enables karma free thoughts and gathering heart’s true goodness of intent and purpose to be manifested on the human reality plane.

We normally function in the three states of mind that is- the ‘Satvic’ mind that is pure and is like an eye of a hurricane-calm but with all events happening around (much like Mahatma Gandhi moving the minds of millions of Indians towards a nonviolent freedom struggle while he was tranquil and in harmony even as he was in jail, or in his room in meditative contemplation); ‘Rajasic’ mind that is filled in action (the majority of us are in this category as we are faced with our daily lives) and the ‘Tamasic’ mind that is caught up in the grips of the external with inertia, violence, extreme emotions, and each thought is karma ridden and karma gathering.
There is the fourth state of mind- Turiya, that the Satvic state is connected or leads to . It is a state of higher consciousness where the mind is subdued and guided by the divine. In this state of Turiya, since the limiting factors of the normal three states of mind is broken, the sages manage to go beyond the need to sleep even as this pristine state is called, ‘sleepless sleep’. The sages also call the state of Turiya ‘Mahalaxmi,’ as any thought propelling out of this mind is from the Source and therefore, they manifests in the earthly realm. It is for the reason that most spiritual beings, who climb above to be with the divine, are able to bless and those blessings manifest. Each of us would definitely have experienced this state of Turiya though we may not be conscious of it. The influence of the state of Turiya when utilized in the lower three spheres, ie, Satvic, Rajasic and Tamasic enables divine perfection in the outcome.
Yoga is about attaining this state that sets us free from limitations and karma. Yoga is about allowing the state of Turiya to guide our mind on the mundane level.
The process of attaining Turiya through our daily yoga-
With each breath build consciousness of growing the fire below from the muladhara (base chakra) and course the fire gently above. Each bandha (lock) performed is to lift the sacred fire upwards. Each inhale is to descend to the mighty muladhara triangle fire and as we hold our breath, to climb above the fire stalk of Kundalini and bring focus on the chakra we wish to be at and exhale, conscious of that chakra.
If each posture (asana) incorporates the guidance to the inner fire climb of Kundalini with breath the key element, the infinite subtle energy becomes more lit and alive within us that we guide upward.
‘Surya Namaskar’, the sun salutation, is a perfect series of asanas to guide this fire with each series dedicated to the conscious lighting up of each chakra.
The descent of each breath into the ‘muladhara triangle’ is vital. This triangle keeps ascending as we build our fire climbing up the chakras. The goal is to reach the Ajna chakra, the ‘third eye’, the chakra of Siva-Sakthi, with the union of the muladhara fire. To meditate in this sacred spot is to be with the state of Turiya. This state of mind gives us the larger picture of our life and all around it. It is like climbing up a mountain and taking the breath of freedom from the peak with the vision of seeing all those limitations, frustrations and pains small in comparison to the larger picture!
It is in the muladhara that our earthly aspirations of the mind with all three natures, tamasic nature included, that fulfills as a divine instrument to complete human karma. Connecting the ‘lower’ chakra to the higher plane of consciousness, the ‘eye’ of awareness enables every sphere of our life to be fulfilled with the higher wisdom enacting our reality on this human plane- the body in its health, relationships fulfilling, career inspiring and the mind knowing the larger picture that is connected to Source.
In this seat of wisdom, all facets of life blossoms to allow us to mature into seedless eternal fruit of yoga!


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