Yogi & Wealth- Yogam


yogi and wealth – yogam



jai guruve thunai!

when thalayati siddhar, siddhar raja swamy’s guru would sit in the evenings, in the sacred forests of south india, all birds… animals and reptiles/snakes would come towards him to bask in the supreme peace. in harmony.

as st francis of assisi would. and as would each of us when we are alight to being the spirit.

siddhar rajaswamy asked thalaiyati nathar, his guru,  ‘there must be more to just what i see. tell me more about what is happening’.

thalaiyati nathar said,
‘when i am reaching into the surrender of breath be the cosmic one in the human body, all angels and higher beings too wish.

the ethereal beings, the millions of angels, the light beings souls- all wait impatiently. they too wish to be the absolute being.

they know the sacredness of human birth that can yield them the completion that enables an even higher place of absorption into being light.

they wait for the sacred light of humans to be lit, so they can participate through this light as good thoughts and also action through the human to reap the evolving grace of union. the light lit in meditation and prayer.

the human birth is far too precious and the light beings as spirit know this.

so when as human, knowing the ultimate purpose, the light beings know dharma and its forms especially the wealth in different currencies of energy.

set into motion as great giving is the great receiving. all in spirit now the orb, rotating around just as the birds and the animals have come to drink the nectar’

in the human birth is our choice to survive each day’s monotony in acceptance of life’s limitation-


as light being, the ancient awakened one, to know purpose and the dharma as the duty done in the material world, knowing abundance and the overflowing giving that is one with the cosmic momentum that works through the human realms.

siddhar rajaswamy asked me once- ‘who are these beggars here begging all day and night? who were they in their previous birth?’.

adiyen’s response was, ‘maybe those like hitler’.

he said, ‘no. its those who were at one time, in their previous life,  graced with completeness in the human realms. in that birth, they were ignorant of the cries of the incomplete around them then. now, in this birth as human they came to complete and in being incomplete as born into a beggar circumstance, they know the hunger of all stomachs and the universal stomach’.

knowing the sacred purpose of human birth, giant giving’s need enables the surplus created as wealth, the currency to enabling actually feed the hungry stomach and needs of the planet in different forms.

giant givings that ultimately creates the fishing rod for the human to evolve. dharma as education and other foundations of charities in the momentum that transform others is created from wealth of the mind and the spirit. this spirit is the angel. the angel that we are which is one with other angels, allowing the sacred flow.

in poverty is the daily beggar sometimes angry for having not received our daily food and in hunger forgetting. then remembering through the cloud of human birth, the immense giver as spirit is awakened to be the doer.

result- peace and further intense love to be one through the higher journey. seeds of wisdom having blossomed in the intellect. the intellect fueled by the the inspiring energies of the purpose. the body cradled by the spirit. the spirit recognizing to be one.

beyond result, the joy of knowing.

a yogi is wealthy

‘yogam’ is beautiful word of ancient tamil. its means, ‘one who is graced by yoga’. it means one who is a lucky person. the abundant being. the abundant spirit. today, the word yogam is still used though distorted a bit to describe someone who is immensely successful.

going deep within to be universal and seeing the universe within- astrology as science came about, with remarkable accuracy to modern day astronomy facts.

likewise was the recognition to be one with life force that enabled ‘communicate’ with plant life and ayurveda as a science developed.

this oneness is the objective of yoga.

when a plant is dying from not being watered, a yogi is able to sense it. likewise, when there are the needs of many dimensions springing up, a yogi is there feeling the need to be the instrument to fulfill it and satisfy the purpose of birth.

if we know our abundance and even if we are in the cave meditating, we know ourselves as the giant givers and sustenance naturally comes to us.

the spirit’s currency is the knowing. the human realm’s currency is knowing the purpose. both being one, abundance is.

always, through knowing sacred purpose.

in abundance and love, be!

blessings and joy!

adiyen nandhi on behalf of his masters

with folded hands!




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