Yogic Feast

yogic feast


this yogic feast in ancient tamil is called asaiba gayathri.

words of expression beyond mukti.asai is the act of the cow, rechewing its food in its other ‘stomach’ after a wonderful feast of greens during the day time.
gayathri is light.
the sacred act of digesting light is the yogi/ni’s feast!

most of us who share breath in reading and feeling these words know the larger depression of extreme loneliness.
like a hurricane it visits us.
sometimes when in synchrony of our knowing, its once a day…

most especially as the sun sets.
its call of the heart.
to light the lamp within.
and do our asaiba gayathri.
..digesting and feasting of light.alight a candle before bed time and digest the human pains and pleasures through the lamp to know the spirit of.

freedom and pure being that is in ecstasy of caressing sacred union.digest light as in all the sacred places you have been in

 call for the greater spirit with each inhale held till the presence and the ‘mind’ is one.
… all absorbed.
all human bagages karmic dissolved with the intensity of supreme surrender into the fire.
fire of digestion, bhakthiimagine a song that begins with a meaning and then surrendering the meaning for the supreme void to be ‘he’

 watch the damsel of kundalini dance and rise!aum

i am he
he am i
am i hei am he
he am i
am i he

i am he
he am i
am i he

aumextend the sound of ‘eeeee’ within and the goddess guides.
he and she entwinning as One in our ascendance to be free!

enjoying this feast, our dance as the angels sets alight our inspiring human purpose to know the larger beautiful ‘picture’.
what a beautiful picture each of us have!

what a beautiful human birth to be evolve through to complete as the circle that is beyond all circles.the rest of moment outside the lamp, is the human experience that as perpetual orgasmic ecstasy

… enjoying the flow.
the grace. the receiving. the sprouting.witness the becoming while feasting on light!:)

heart’s bliss to each of you, my divine soul-friends!


adiyen nandhi
on words from my seniors

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