Yogic Penance of St Francis of Assisi



jai guruve thunai!



jai guruve thunai!

divine beloveds of oneness,

may all the masters grace as one be ours.

when st francis of assisi, or any awake being is asked for a blessing through our knowing of oneness, what will they choose to gift us in this time, the present moments we are in?

in those days of intense flogging of the body & mind as firewood to be tapas fire, the eternal spirit and the human intent was realized. the ultimate intent of the sages of oneness was to be eternal peace so to be present in everyone through future as the breath and the knowing beyond breath that breath leads in the awake state of being one in all- to be the supreme peace within breath as the wisdom guiding collective humanity’s intellect. knowing this inner breath of tranquil joys is the intellect that leads to immortality, the tantric beloved oneness beyond death that transcends the temporary to eternal through evolved grace.

all tapas yogis pray that as body the karmic past is ash as the inner radiant joy lamp is lit, burning away the ‘me’ and ‘my’ and ego- each breath to be the fire of awareness to be in the now moment that has broken free to all.

now awake in each of our breath in knowing of the ultimate gratitude in every moment, may inspired grace flow from knowing purpose be revealed as the third eye awake. the third eye is the yoni- frog like to enjoy absorption into the lingam, the infinite grace that is siva mayam- the cosmic lovemaking. siva mayam is our reality, the celebrated dance of knowing that then adorns the human mind to serve. to serve humanity. to ascend humanity through our inner tapasic joys as the radiant inner fire lit.

when the supreme breath that transcends within each has dissolved into the sacred muladhara in the inhale to nurture the inner lamp, we are alight as tapasyogis. our tantira yoga is lit through resonance of ‘aaaaaahhhhhaaah’ that converges the primal sensual orgasm into the primal goddess that celebrates the birthing joys of each thought. thoughts that creates babies now manifests greater realities of highest purpose.

awake we are the knowers of the body in its limits of the five elements and the being of the supreme spirit and enjoy the various disguises as in human realities.
we are the knower, the ones who are awake in ‘ari’. ari is lord vishnu, the sustaining energy of the divine.
ari means the awake.
we are ariven, the knower

the sacred wish of st francis, the siddhar masters, the awake beings and the boddisattvas is that they as one in humanity as the momentum of evolving grace- present and awake in all. empowered ancient energies are eternal and we are the blossom of that knowing as our awareness is constant yoga, enjoying yogic wisdom through our intellect, graced by the guru. the inner guru being the wisdom that guides our intellect. the externals, all forms finding the singular form that we call ours over the remnant ego.

in this allness is the big hug to each of you, sacred masters of this giant infinite moment!

blessing overflowing and absorbed to be freedom to transform cages of perception to celebrate our enshrined beloved one!

the beloved awake, blessings as wellbeing and fulfilled grace that inspires.

aum namah sivaya



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