Yogic Inhale

Siddhar Agasthyanathar’s Wisdom Songs 


Kanamal alaindhorgal kodana kodi

  Millions and millions of people searched in vain

countless millions of humans were lost in thier search not knowing realization!

  Kaaranathhai arindorgal kodana kodi

  Millions and millions  realized the cause

countless millions of humans knew what they were searching for!

  Veenaha pulambinadhal ariya pomo

  Can realization be achieved by unwanted blabbering?

can wasteful talking lead to enlightenment?

  Vijnanam paesuvadhum yedhukahum

  What can be achieved by Scientific speaking?

what use is intellectual inquisitiveness?

  `Konamal Sulumunayil manathhai vaithhu

  Without wavering and by keeping the mind firmly fixed in the Sushumna   GuruPadam (Turiyatita)

take the consciousness firmly to the golden kundalini stalk, the sushumna nadi and hold one thought, without waivering.

iru nakil nalai serthu

  Joining two fours with a four at the GuruPadam(above the Sahasra Chakra)

dissolving duality by the sacred divine presence of the fourth dimension (through kechari mudra) 

  Nanamal oru ninaivai kakum podhu

  In a steady manner when protected as a single memory

with protective awareness hold the single thought

  Nalum ettum ondrahum naati oodhae

  The four and eight would become one so stay firm and inhale in.

the wholeness in us as consumed by the divine presence of our being, now transforms to siva, the supreme light that graces the eight siddhis (powers of perfection) and in our inhale,  BECOME ONE! 

-Translated from original Tamil texts by Suresh and Nandhi 




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