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Visions Beyond Enlightenment

Each of these paintings have come alive through intense meditation. These paintings are the inner visions of the perfected beings of light, the Siddhar Gurus. Nandhiji was graced with the divine vision in Thiruvannamalai many years back.

After years of deep meditative practice in the presence of realized Sages who live their lives meditating in caves and the wilderness of South India, he expresses the sacred joys of inner depth through these paintings. These paintings carry within them, the potent energies of the ancient lineage of Sages while they are painted in a meditative state as a gush of energy, within a short time.

Taking visual form from higher wisdom of mantra vibrations, the resonant energies behind the sound converges as the inner light, hence the name for this art gallery, “Visions Beyond Enlightenment”.

Nandhiji journey into the mystical realms of the Siddhars began about 2 decades ago after a near-death experience that was an initiation. He took a plunge into the ‘other’ India to seek the intense ancient yogic wisdom.

Nandhiji expresses the meditative secrets, the grace of the masters of higher consciousness and the blessings of the Sages through this art.

The paintings are available in the following formats:
Quality Paper print 8″ x 10″


Plak: Ready to hang, mounted on wood, weather proof, textured finish on 1 inch box frame.
(More info on Plak below)
24″ x 18″


Canvas Giclee: Gallery wrapped into stretcher box, exclusive canvas seal prevents UV fading, ready to hang with black linen tape & copper wire behind. 24″ x 18″


Guru Ayya Third Eye
Inner Eye’s Knowing!

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The Third Eye: Guru Ayya

“He taught me the meekness of Spirit,
Infused in me the light of devotion,
Granted me the grace of His feet
And after holy interrogation, testing me entirely,
Revealed to me the Real,
the Unreal and the Real-Unreal
Of certain is Siva-Guru Lord Himself!”

Siddhar Thirumulanathar

Ref: Yoga Art 108

Primal Guru (Adi Guru Natha)
Ancient Wisdom!

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Primal Guru – Aadi Gurunathar

“Space merging with space,
Nectar drowning in nectar.
Light absorbed in light:
The elect are they, the Siddhas
Who attain this glorious state.”

Siddhar Thirumulanathar

Ref: Yoga Art 109

Mother Kundalini Shakthi
Awakened Power Within!

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Kundalini Shakthi-

“In the dense darkness, O Mother, Thy formless beauty sparkles;
Therefore the yogi’s meditate in a dark mountain cave.
In the lap of boundless dark, on Mahanirvanas waves upborne, peace flows serene and inexhaustible.
Taking the form of Void, in the robe of darkness wrapped,
Who art Thou, Mother, seated alone in the shrine of samadhi?
From the Lotus of Thy fear-scattering Feet flash Thy love’s lightnings;
Thy Spirit-Face shines forth with laughter terrible and loud!” Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa

Ref: Yoga Art 110

Yogi’s Breath Esa Nathar (Jesus Christ)
Breath of Source!

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Yogi’s Breath-Siddhar Issa Nathar-Jesus Christ

“Breath through Sushumna coursing,
Kundalini fire blaze aloft;
Light above emanated,
Pervading the world
And engulfing entire cosmic Space
That I saw in me and sought within.”

Siddhar Thirumulanathar

Ref: Yoga Art 111

Unfolding Wisdom (Siddhar Pambatti Nathar)
Grace of Higher Wisdom!

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Unfolding Wisdom-Siddhar Pambatti Nathar

“Straight within the forehead
Between the eye-brows
Is the astral space vast;
Peer, peer within there
The luminous mantra will be;
The place where they in yearning sought Him
Is the place where He in yearning is;
That verily is the Him as Space
And there did I firmly sit.”

– Siddhar Thirumulanathar

Ref: Yoga Art 112

Tapas Mountain (Thiruvannamalai)
Sacred Mountain of Awakening!

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Tapas Mountain-Thiruvannamalai

Thiruvannamalai is the most ancient spiritual center of South India with this sacred mountain called by the sages, the mountain of fire. This painting of Thiruvannamalai is a feeble attempt to capture such an immense experience of the two eyes which the third eye when aware is the witness as pure bliss!

Ref: Yoga Art 113

Tantrika Mahalaxmi Perpetual Joy
Sensual Cosmic Fire within!

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“That Lotus in folds several is Primal Sakthi’s abode;
The Lotus that lifts soul is the Heart:
When the Lotus in Muladhara is roused,
The Lotus in Sahasrara blossoms.”

Siddhar Thirumulanathar

Ref: Yoga Art 114

Supreme Self- Siva
Perfect Being, the Eternal Yogi

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Supreme Self-Siva

“Aum Namah Shivaya
Letter Five is the seat of Nandhi
Letter Five is the Holy Mantra
Letter Five is the Divine Chakra
Letter Five is Lord’s Abode.”

Siddhar Thirumulanathar

Ref: Yoga Art 115

Experience Lord Siva through the mantras: see Video!

Serene Depth (Siddhar Kalangi Nathar)
Joy of Being Whole!

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Serene Depth-Siddhar Kalangi Nathar

When your discipline perfect be,
Your thoughts crystal pure be;
And there the beauteous Lord reside be;
Then shall karmas all Rooted deep unto undying weeds, Disappear;
And you shall glimpse the Grace
Of the Magnificent feet of the Lord Holy

Siddhar Thirumulanathar

Ref: Yoga Art 116

Heart Cave- Siddhar Guha Nathar
The Eternal Fire of the Heart Cave!

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Heart’s Cave – Siddhar Guha Nathar

“Seated in the center of Void,
He descended into my heart’s temple,
And there His place He took;
And as He descended,
I stood up saying: “My Father Come”;
Thus as I greeted,
Siva in my thoughts instant Stood.”

-Siddhar Thirumulanathar

Ref: Yoga Art 117

Eternal Youth (Siddhar Idaikattu Nathar)
Grace of Siddhar Initiation!

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Eternal Youth – Siddhar Idaikattu Nathar

“No going; no coming
No death; no aging
No delay in seeing Light behind breath
Beyond desire
Thus it is with Siddhas
Who attained this Siddhi”

Siddhar Thirumulanathar

Ref: Yoga Art 118

Realization-(Siddhar Ramadeva Nathar)
The “Knowing” Beyond Death & Birth!

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Realization- Siddhar Ramadeva Nathar

To know not to reach Him
Is true Path of Becoming;
If you know thus,
You know contradiction none;
That is Path He is Light within you;
finite, your goal’s end;
They are but folks weak in spirit
That know not merging in Light

Siddhar Thirumulanathar

Ref: Yoga Art 119

Grand Father of Light (Siddhar Thirumula Nathar)
Supreme Guru of Ancient Perfection!

Learn more of Siddhar Thirumulanathar

Siddhar Thirumulanathar

“Daily I kneel and chant Nandhi’s holy Name,
Envisioned, He stands, the Fire-hued One.
Flaming like the moon in the sky; into me He comes,
And throbs and breaths through my mortal flesh.”

Siddhar Thirumulanathar

Ref: Yoga Art 120

Ancient Arrival (Siddhar Sundara Nathar)
The Handsome Perfected Being!

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Ancient Arrival- Siddhar Sundara Nathar

Space intermingling with Space.
Nectar drowning in Nectar
Light dissolving in Light
The elect are they,
The Siva-Siddhas
Who attain this
Glorious state;
Nada and Nadanta
Deep in them realized,
The Eternal, the Pure
Reposing in Bliss unalloyed.

Siddhar Thirumulanathar

Ref: Yoga Art 121

The Plunge(Siddhar Ayya Vaikuntha)
Wisdom in the Ocean of Breathlesness!

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The Plunge-Ayya’s Guru Ayya Vaikuntha Narayana 

He was transformed, glowing and radiant. He said that He was taken to the depth of the ocean by the divine beings and here He was imparted the sacred wisdom.

Ref: Yoga Art 122

Transforming Wisdom (Siddhar Ayya of Thiruvannamalai)
Divine Grace of Guidance & Teachings!

Learn more of The Wisdom Beyond Intellect

Wisdom Beyond Intellect

“Straight within the forehead
Between the eye-brows
Is the astral space vast;
Peer, peer within there
The luminous mantra will be;
The place where they in yearning sought Him
Is the place where He in yearning is;
That verily is the Him as Space
And there did I firmly sit.”

Ref: Yoga Art 123

The Initiation (Maha Avathar Babaji)
Grace of the Golden Body!

Learn more of The Initiation of Maha Avatar Babaji

Maha Avathar Babaji-Initiation

He hides and yet He hides not;
He appears not to the naked eye;
He of the spreading matted locks:
The gold-hued;
None but they of hard tapas may be near Him
Do hasten and adore Him,
He, the mighty one of white moon crest.

Siddhar Thirumulanathar

Ref: Yoga Art 124

Maha Avathar Babaji (The Immortal Kriya Babaji)
Divine Master of Eternal Youth!

Learn more of The Maha Avatar Kriya Babaji

Maha Avatar Kriya Babaji

Appearing in human form as the eternal youth with His presence absorbing the karma of all the living,
He is abundance.

Ref: Yoga Art 125

Journey with Maha Avatar Babaji: see Video!

Yoga Guru (Patanjali Nathar)
Master of Yogic Truth!

Learn more of The Patanjali Nathar

Yoga Guru-Patanjali Nathar

Crossing the river of karma through grace and surrender,
digesting all sacred as light sitting in the doorway of the eyebrows,
ascend above to be Siva.

Ref: Yoga Art 126

Goddess Mother Kali (Transforming Sacred Wisdom)
Destruction of Ego and Negativity!

Learn more of Goddess Maha Kali

Maha Kali

Uniting as divine yoga is She the ascending Ascended above ego;
Cut free Becoming the lamp above the navel As Shakthi, She is the joyful mother of the yogin In the pleasure realms of seedless bliss, Detached, the enlightened sing of Maha Kali!
True tantra, in grace, as love She lets be! Him merged as Her in surrender.
Aum Shanthi !

Siddhar Thirumulanathar

Ref: Yoga Art 128

Divine Grace of the Guru (Transforming Energies of the Divine Guides)
The Light Which Burns Karma, Heals, Guides and Protects!

Learn more of Guru’s Grace

Guru’s Grace
The Guru’s presence is like light taking over darkness and millions of years of evolution then transforms the sacred life within us to recognize the ‘supreme joy’ as that of union with the divine.

Ref: Yoga Art 130

Free download of Guru’s Grace: Click here

The paintings are available in a unique “Plak” frame:

The high quality print is professionally mounted to wood with dry-mount tissue and heat-pressed.

A special UV protective vinyl is laminated over the print and heat-pressed again under 120 tons of pressure.

The edges of the wood are beveled, sanded and trimmed.


There’s no annoying glare. The plak’s vinyl surface makes images clearer to see and easier to read from any angle.


There’s no breakable glass. With the plak’s unique 80% UV protective vinyl surface, grease, dust and moisture wipe right off!


Compare the cost of plak with custom picture framing. The plak is an excellent value!

How it will look:Section Diagram

Colorbox – Image mounted on 1/4” board with beveled edge which is laid on top of a 1“ back frame


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Testimonials ART GALLERY

A few testimonials:

“Nandhi’s visionary art is inspired deep from within the inner spiritual realms–his creations are by divine Grace. Contemplating on his artwork provides keys to unlock one’s potential spiritual consciousness, transporting and expanding one to the healing, initiating world of the Siddhas. Jai Shiva!”

Parvati Premananda, Acharya, Babaji’s Kriya Yoga Order of Acharyas.Los Angeles,CA

“Nandhi’s paintings of the ancient Siddha seers of India, captures the essence of transformation of the mind from the physical realm to the spiritual plane of consciousness. It brings forth the importance of simplicity in the pursuit of eternal nirvana.”

Arun Sitaraman, San Jose, CA

“I can’t express to you the immeasurable blessings since I have received your paintings in my home, I have come to understand that they are truly anointed items. I can feel the energy from them and they stir this deepest Silence within me that I had long forgotten. What an absolute blessing. They are a transmission in and of itself of incredible bliss and energy and light. I don’t know how to express my appreciation and gratitude. It has uplifted me to levels of awareness that I only thought existed. The Light of Brahman has dawned in my consciousness. How can I thank you?”

Rosemary Cochran, CA

“Feel the presence of the Divine that emanates from these paintings. It will awaken your inner being on your road to Divine Realization. Thanks for sharing these priceless instrument of the Divine with the seekers of the path.”

Don Zapanta, Bakersfield, CA

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