Nandhi The Artist

The paintings of Nandhi kindle insight into the Inner Self while revealing the ancient yogic practice of the Tamil Siddhars, the perfected Beings who attained the body of light.

Nandhi’s journey into the mystical realms of the Siddhars began about 2 decades ago in South India, when, as a young, healthy man, he experienced the sudden shocking sure knowledge of his impending death. He struggled and resisted fiercely initially, but soon realized that in this matter, he was powerless.

As soon as he had reached this point of inner surrender, a knock was heard on the door of his home. A young saint whom Nandhi had never before seen, stood outside and announced that he had come to save Nandhi from his karmic death and instead to initiate Nandhi into the path of light. Nandhi followed this saint to Sri Kalahasthi and then into the forest. Through a series of rituals felt the forces of subtle truth awaken within. His journey into the eternal had begun.

Innumerable experiences with the Divine have marked Nandhi’s journey from that moment. His path has been made more clear by several realized spiritual teachers, but it was in Thiruvannamalai, a sacred mountain in South India, that he met his guru, Ayya (means “father”), who was practicing a very austere meditation in his mountain cave.

Ayya initiated Nandhi into the path of Siddha (meaning the attainment of perfection through divine grace), and Nandhi was blessed with the vision of God Himself in the form of the sacred mountain Thiruvannamalai. He describes this amazing, transforming vision as “the two eyes immersed in the splendor of splendors, which the mind can only know as the blissful awareness in the state of samadhi, when the third eye opens and sees the universe within with the only experience being indescribable joy beyond comparison”.

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Nandhi wishes to honor his Gurus with love and reverence. Though he has been blessed by the teachings of many Gurus, there are some who have committed themselves to the path of enlightenment to help guide Nandhi and others on their respective spiritual journeys.

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Tapasyogi Kalathi Adimai Aadi Nandhi