Yogic Tips 108

Below are yogic techniques as practices guided by spiritually evolved beings, the Siddhars. It is meant for a householder practicing yoga.

Upon waking up in the morning :

  1. To reach the source of thoughts and extend gratitude for having ‘born’ into another day, take both your palms and place them before your face. Imagine your left hand to be the presence of your mother and the right hand to be the presence of your father. Then, gently put your palms over your eyelids and express your love, gratitude, respect and warmth to the two divine Gods through whom you were born.
  2. Cut into the wedges of the end of each running thought and the beginning of each thought by seeking your Source. Try to hold the Source by then igniting your fire by reciting your mantra. Dedicate your day to the Source.
  3. Drink lots of water immediately. The art of drinking lots of water is to ensure that the water is room temperature or slightly warm. Drink the water without tasting it. Feel your stomach as a huge pot capable of holding large capacity of water. Rub your stomach gently clockwise with the belly button at the center with each circular motion proceeding inside to out. When going through your bowel movements, visualize the part between your navel to the base of your spinal cord bone as in the form of four petals.
  4. Start your yogic activity with pranayama, the control of breath to ensure that the mind is made steady and balanced as you are about to invoke divine energy . Prefer to use a mantra which helps keep counts as timing and to allow visualization that a mantra would extend.
  5. Ensure a build up of the sacred fire within yourself to reach a ‘flow’ wherein each breath flows into the next elongated breath, like the flow of breath while singing.
  6. Start your Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation) with easing into each pose very slowly and gently. Each pose has a deep meaning and its own energy circle. Absorb the energy from each pose while being aware of your breath. Feel the center of relaxation in each pose through your breath connecting to the divine as surrender of the body.
  7. Dedicate as surrender each pair of Surya Namaskars to the divine five elements i.e. as sacred earth, the body; as sacred water, the life within us; as sacred fire, our mind, thought and thinking process; as sacred air, our breath to receive higher wisdom of absolute void; as sacred space to then know pure joy as our true being universal in expansiveness.
  8. Imagine your body and mind now as freedom in space. This is the yogic body ready to shine!
  9. Begin your plunge into the rest of the hatha yoga poses meditating within your universal space, constantly aware of the nourishing relaxed state within you. Hold this center of relaxation as your true home to run back to after every asana. The larger the center of relaxation, the more tremendous energy you posses as you feel the gross energy in you transcend into subtle energy.
  10. Utilize the session of hatha yoga to meditate as the body and mind are now ready to allow this inward divine journey.
  11. Remember to keep your spine straight as a stack of coins one over the other.
  12. The body perfection of flexibility, strength, health and rejuvenation will follow naturally the mind, which is at peace with sparks of inspired energy found in true yoga. Unite the divine in you and become. This is all what yoga is about… and unfold a beautiful crisp day filled with possibilities that your silent void fertile mind waits to manifest!
    Nandhi wishes to honor his Gurus with love and reverence. Though he has been blessed by the teachings of many Gurus, there are some who have committed themselves to the path of enlightenment to help guide Nandhi and others on their respective spiritual journeys.
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