2006 Maha Shivrathri in India

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Welcome to this visual pilgrimage of 2006 Maha Sivrathri!

Before, we begin, please allow yourself the luxury of time to go through the pictures.  These are divine moments caught as pictures and since they contain sacred vibrations, allow your mind to immerse in them so that time is worshipped.

Our pilgrimage was fulfilling in every way. We had the opportunity to do large dharma representing all our friends and loved ones; we were initiated and graced by the blessings of the wonderful spiritual beings; we immersed ourselves in the higher vibrations of ancient sacred centers that were worshipped for several thousands of years; we found ourselves evolved each day of the pilgrimage. We were one in sync with the deeper need to be the Spirit.

Our pilgrimage did complete us fully! In its miracles of synchronicities and the knowing. Enough light to digest until the next Maha Shivrathri pilgrimage!

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