Kalangi Kundalini Yoga

NEW RELEASE! Siddha Kalangi Kundalini Yoga –
Yoga for the Achiever with Nandhiji
Level One: Basics DVD is ready to ship NOW!

Kalangi Kundalini Yoga- Basics DVD is ready to ship NOW! 

For many years people all over the world have been writing to Nandhiji to learn his mystical form of yoga. As a result, Nandhiji is pleased to release the first ever Kalangi Kundalini Yoga- Yoga for the Achiever- Level One: Basics DVD!

“For years I have been wanting to share my personal daily practice with humanity and finally its now a reality with this DVD, the basics of yoga to get the day started!
Kalangi Kundalini Yoga is the “software” applicable within yoga to attain the most important yogic objective- higher consciousness that enables us to be leaders, manifestors, intuitive, creative and a dynamo of energy with eagle like focus. I was gifted by my Gurus the guidance in incorporating the potent Siddha wisdom to expand consciousness through yoga practice in its most simple and easy to practice ways. My intent for those who are doing yoga for the first time is that the joy factor and the empowered mind will lead each to practice yoga daily and enable self mastery. My intent for those already practicing yoga is that the honey they experience in thier daily yoga now is the honey pot itself. I am grateful that we can now share the inner journey to celebrate the Supreme Being inherent in each of us as the Yogi!”

This first DVD Kalangi Kundalini Yoga- Level One: Basics- is ideal for both experienced yoga teachers and complete yoga newbies alike.

Kalangi Kundalini Yoga: Level One: Basics uses the simple sun salutation sequences, Siddha breathing techniques, potent Siddha mantras and other empowering yogic tools to awaken the mastery of consciousness. The very nature of consciousness is abundance of health, wealth and wisdom. Attain the blessings of our highest Self and be the Yogi.

Section A: Introduction to kalangi kundalini yoga

Section A: Introduction

: Intro to Kalangi Kundalini Yoga Teachings- the ‘software’ of yogic wisdom and practice
: The Guru Concept & Nandhiji’s Gurus
: 12 Secrets within Kalangi Kundalini Yoga

Section B- Getting Started

: Creating our own Altar & the Lamp
: Gratitude energies, connecting to our first Gurus and awakening ourselves in the cellular level-
: Sun Salutation One
: Awakening our ancestral energies of DNA- Sun Salutation Two

Section C- Activating the Root Chakra

: Mantra Initiation: Siddha Ganapathy
: Art of Breath- One: Siddha Thirumulanathar Pranayama
: Sun Salutation Three
: Thoppukaranam- Ganapathy Super Brain Yoga

Section D- Activating the Guru Chakra Navel Power

: Mantra Initiation: Siddha Guru Ayya
: Sun Salutation Four
: Art of Sitting – The Siddhasana
: Art of Breath- Two: Siddha Kapalabhati Breath
: Art of Breath- Three: Kechari Mudra & Brahmari Nadi

Section E – Four Major Focus Areas of Asanas

: Inner Framework of Focus within Yoga

Section F:
Do it with Nandhiji One
Yoga- Full Sun Salutation Sequence

Section G:
Do it with Nandhiji Two
Yoga for the Achiever Asana Sequence One

: Trataka – Single Pointed Focus – Gazing
: Union of Moon and Sun Breath within

Section H: Ending our Yoga

: Awakening to be the Cosmic Child
: Siddha Lord Muruga Mantra Initiation
: Ending Ritual & the Lamp
: Conch Resonance Blessings of Nandhiji

DVD: Yoga of the Achiever