Mahasivratri, the World Yogi Day of 2017 is an inner pilgrimage for each one of us to attain enlightenment.

Full Moon Lord Siva Initiation Feb 10th, Fri 6PM PST 2017

Livestream with Nandhiji- Free & Open to All

Mahasivratri Program:
– Daily online teaching & updates from Nandhiji guiding us through the yogic pathway to be the Yogi each day until Mahasivratri 25th Feb Night.
Daily Inner Journey with Nandhiji for 16 days
Starts Feb 10th 5pm until Feb 25th Grand Night of Mahasivratri

This Livestream: The enlightening vortex of Mahasivratri is the inner pilgrimage to wake up and be the Yogi. In this Livestream Nandhiji will set alight the inner fires of mantras & Siddha grace to meditate as the pilgrimage within, each day into Mahasivratri- the realm of super-consciousness, Turiya, the abode of the Spirit, to be the Yogi We truly are!

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Ariven Temple Events, Los Angeles:
9:30 am: Daily Kalangi Kundalini Yoga with Nandhiji
7pm-9pm: Siva Linga Puja & Satsangs- Space is limited/ RSVP to secure your space.
Stay Feb 10th – Feb 26th or visit for daily satsangs- [We are located near LAX, Los Angeles]
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About Mahasivratri: For several thousands of years, the ancient Siddhar Yogis have celebrated and empowered the Mahasivratri Night as special blessings for humanity. It’s this day that they come out in the physical to bless anyone who seeks consciousness. For a yogi/ni, Mahasivratri is the “Day/Night of Yoga”, the time to transcend, transform and evolve. Mahasivratri has been observed as the single most important vortex of time by the yogis and householders in India for thousands of years. Based on the planetary alignment with earth and the lunar cycle, this vortex of time holds the objectives of yoga as in being the Spirit having the human experience; as in being ‘liberated’ from the limits of the mind and as in having the grace of Source in our daily realities.

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