Nandhiji’s Gurus

“The gift of several lifetimes of seeking is received when we have attained a Guru. There is a Guru for each of us. In my divine pathway, each of these Master came into my life taking me from one layer of consciousness to the next at a destined moment and after entering my life, they became my life and my each thought’s guidance. When I enter my inner most realm of vast void, my Gurus shine as the guiding light of awareness, steering my thoughts and realities. In humility and in gratefulness I give all the credits of all that I do to my Gurus”- Nandhiji

*For more details of Nandhiji and his Gurus, please read the book: Mastery of Consciousness

* Nandhiji invites you to participate in his Gurus dharma activities-

Bhairava Sekarswamy:

He took Nandhiji through the awakening death experience. Bhairava Sekarswamy set Nandhiji on the path of a yogi by kindling the inner fire of bliss and joy through this initiation. This awakening to the inner fire led Nandhiji into the inner journeys of uncovering more and more of bliss as a yogi seeking the expanding consciousness. Bhairava Sekarswamy continues his own deep spiritual practice and several dharma works such as feeding the pilgrims every full moon night, taking care of animals, especially dogs among other activities.

Saddhu Krishnaveni Amma, the lady saint who meditated for over 65 years in her cave in Kalyana Thirtham, South India.  It is hard to imagine how this saint lived all by herself in a cave that is today a tiger sanctuary.

After years of daily rigorous meditative discipline, Nandhiji’s external realities, including the business Nandhiji had; his family; his home- everything simply dissolved away. When Nandhiji’s parents and friends became worried that Nandhi would now leave the human external realities and go to the long solitudes of the caves, Saddhu Krishnaveni Amma took the reins over the spiritual guidance of Nandhi. She directed Nandhiji to the next chapter in his life- a life of a yogi householder. Saddhu Krishnaveni Amma left her body in 2011 April.

Saddhu Krishnaveni Amma

Siddhar Rajaswamy

Siddhar Rajaswamy opened the mystical doors of Siddhar tradition to Nandhiji just after Saddhu Krishnaveni Amma took Nandhi into her fold.  Siddhar Guru Rajaswamy connects his ancient lineage of the Siddhars with Nandhiji. Siddhar Rajaswamy is a living master carrying the traditions going back to Siddhar Bhoganathar. His powerful teaching is in the example doing constant service for the society- feeding the hungry, looking after the tribals, re-instating old temples etc. His daily prayers and fire rituals are for uplifting humanity as consciousness. One of Siddhar Rajaswamy’s teachings is- by invoking the Divine Masters and serving the intent of Consciousness, we become the Master.

Amma, Mother Amritandamayi, (The Hugging Saint) woke Nandhiji to a life purpose. When Nandhi was a saddhu (a renunciate seeker) he had met Amma and told her of his childhood dream to saving the life old cows. Amma set Nandhiji back into the human realities with the knowing of his purpose, with a simple but incredibly power-packed directive: “Just do it!”

Almost immediately after, Nandhiji saw realities that would bring him to Santa Monica, California to work on his life dream and vision that unfolds now, as in the Declaration of Consciousness and the Ariven Vision.

Siddhapurush Baba Nataraj

Siddhapurush Baba Nataraj is a humble master who walked the length and breadth across USA several times, as a pilgrimage. His radiant presence of harmony is such that wild birds sit on him unafraid. He has been Nandhiji’s Guru in Santa Monica, guiding, teaching and unveiling for Nandhiji the deep thresholds of consciousness.

He shared his sacred space with Nandhiji every Thursday for many years.  Baba continues his tapas in Venice, Los Angeles.

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Siddhar Mahasivaswamy lived over 35 years in solitude in the forest of Nambi Hills. Siddhar Mahasivaswamy mentored Nandhiji through advanced yogic techniques and meditation. Siddhar Mahasivaswamy appointed Nandhiji as the custodian of his lineage. Siddhar Mahasivaswamy left his body 2011, April

He was an amazing mystic who would spend hours together meditating the tiger sanctuary forest area in solitude.

Siddhar Mahasivaswamy

Siddhar Guru Ayya Narayana

arakara mantra, mantra for manifestation

Siddhar Guru Ayya Narayana is the Siddhar Sage who meditated for 18 years atop the sacred mountain of Thiruvannamalai, drinking just a cup of milk each day and not moving while sitting in one single position. He continues to attain one of humanity’s most powerful meditations in the quiet of his secluded village near Kanyakumari. He ventures out of his meditative solitude once a day to bless the few who seek his spiritual guiding grace. As a living Master, Ayya is one of the major custodians of humanity’s consciousness as he continues to mediate. As Nandhiji’s Guru, Ayya guides Nandhiji through the mastery of the inner realm and the external realm of purpose.