Saddhus Thoughts: yoga tips / insights


Saddhus Thoughts: yoga tips




divine friends,

so wonderful to meet again to share breath! from the journeys of throwing away everything to seek the grace of the divine and then experiencing the human realms of responsibilities and duties, both worlds relate. relate in harmony. the yoga.

the inner harmony that springs from knowing.

our yoga journey is just this- the best of two worlds merged while knowing to be the third that enables grace to evolve.

a few words as thoughts-

1.upon waking up in the morning, knowing the joys of having just awoken from death. being blessed by realizing that we only ‘slept’ as in one state of mind. knowing death to be a state of mind and going beyond death to experience the dance of the eternal within- in our surrender in sleep. the awakening as joyfully knowing breath and its source and the mind that ‘woke’ up to then know its extension as that of our body. this is yoga nidra.

this possible when we hold our chin mudra every conscious hour.

when the sacred chin mudra is held, the whole day is a yogic feast as we enjoy being spirit in the body that is love formed.


2. while showering, receive the water as being poured by the guru.a daily ‘baptism’ into the innocence that we are with the past and karma wiped we are the ‘new’, the childlike mind.  feel the blessed water as though it is mother ganges washing away all the past and everything before it in the current of awareness while bathing!

water is sacred and more sacred when we recognize it to be and indulge in it. imagine our wonderful joys of being drunk in water!


3. know that the mastery over sun salutation in its inner wisdom gives the eternal breath, thereby being the king of hatha yoga postures. within each posture of the sun salutation is the sun in each chakra and the moon that is womb like beyond the chakras. within is the daily journey that enables the body to be the mind’s state of joy as love formed.
visit death and experience spirit in our daily yoga. then let the spirit and body merge.
now in perpetual energy to rejuvenate as the dynamo of awakening, let our yoga be.
born again each moment.
the inner flow of energies from above the navel, with each breath in inhale and exhale drawn enjoying this flow. all the nadis, the energy centers in tune with the sacred energies guiding the breath and its upwards energy.


4. enjoy the current of the inner river of breath and the energies that guide breath from the limited and the eternal!
the inner river is the rhythmic breath in its flow to exhale based on knowing.
each of us switch into the right breath 5 times a day.
when meditating, observe which side of the breath we are breathing from and one side for certain is open and the other blocked/lightly blocked.
every exhale, exhale through that channel left or right that is open.
as we then plunge deeper, our wisdom absorbs our breath based on the guidance of breath in its upward surge of energy. we glide above as the currents of joy aware that soon our descent too must begin. back into the descent of the limited to fag end of exhale, to surrender into void. in this void is our knowing of the source of inhale and guiding into the energy streams determined by our awareness in knowing if the ida or the pingala is awakened. in our inhale we join this marriage party. above between the eyebrows is the sacred marriage.


the body thought and the mind’s feed, both dissolved in yoga as a daily pilgrimage wherever we may be when we enter into the timeless realms of meditative joy.

as witness to know time. to know time is the duty in human realms.

time is the body vehicle that vibrates with the experience of being spirit. the body vehicle is a clock that works with the mind’s projection. beyond the mind is the sacred joy that absorbs body consciousness through each thought that surfaces. below in the mind is the utilization of the body and mind indulging in the absorbtion of time.

harmony and wellbeing to each through our breath of being one in seeking the joys of being. blessings especially from siddhar mahasiva swamy whose photo is above.

aum namah sivaya

adiyen nandhi on behalf of his gurus.


with folded hands!





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