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- 1 hour ago

Saivam Vetri – Consciousness Triumphs. Collective intent of all Sages of all ages across all nations & cultures is-…

- 13 hours ago

Conch Blessings with Nandhiji- Usher the New #SoundHealing #Conch #HighVibrations #Blessings #Source #God…

- 1 day ago

Sanatha Dharma is realizating Eternal Wisdom, Consciousness. God Source is bliss, joy, harmony of Being- Satchidana…

- 2 days ago

Question for Nandhiji: What are the three things that we need to achieve our highest potential?

- 2 days ago

Goddess Parasakti Devi, Kutralanathar Siva Temple- She is Time Matter Space. She is Mother Earth Darani Shakti Peet…

- 3 days ago

SRI BHAGAVAN RAMANA MAHARISHI Ask "Who am I?" Awaken in Knowing Higher Self. Self Inquiry Atma Vicharana awakens th…

- 3 days ago

The Only Solution to Every Human Problem

- 4 days ago

Alight Core within. Begin journey to Consciousness Within Atom SIVA is. Universe of Universes SIVA is Vibrant Dance…

- 4 days ago

LORD GANESH Wisdom Angelic Divine Success Transformation Willpower Focus Passion Genius Health Vitality Inn…

- 5 days ago

Consciousness is Love: Siddha Blessings of Anbe Sivam

- 5 days ago

Mantra Teachings- Focus on epicenter within Mantra. Whirling Mantra from within in intent converge mind. In Source…

- 5 days ago

In Divine Love Bhakti is unwavering focus, singularity of mind, timeless patience, joy & bliss of Being- the Grace…

- 6 days ago

Wake Up to the grandness of Consciousness. Thousand Petals of Sahasrara, Crown Chakra is Mind in Blossom. Being Man…

- 7 days ago

Monday mantra blessings at Sacred Elephant Samadhi

- 8 days ago

Meditate on Akash Infinity Sky. Awaken Consciousness - Siddha Appapaitheeswarar, Puducherry Lighting the Lamp withi…

- 8 days ago

Consciousness destroys evil, ignorance, dogma, limits & ego. Power of Infinity triumphs as Inner Fires of Empowerme…

- 9 days ago

Relationship Blessings of Goddess Mahalaxmi & Lord Vishnu- Andal Rangamannar Vishnu Temple, Sriviliputur. Love Unde…

- 10 days ago

Consciousness is the luck factor determining fate & destiny- the only true wealth we carry- from death to rebirth.…

- 10 days ago

Ahimsa- to not hurt, harm, kill another other is first wisdom of realizing God Source #Consciousness #Meditation…

- 10 days ago

Sacred Music Dance of the Siddhars
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